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Definition of AWAY

2 definitions found:

Away \A*way"\, adv. [AS. aweg, anweg, onweg; on on + weg way.]
     1. From a place; hence.
        [1913 Webster]

              The sound is going away.              --Shak. [1913 Webster]

              Have me away, for I am sore wounded.  --2 Chron. xxxv. 23. [1913 Webster]

     2. Absent; gone; at a distance; as, the master is away from home. [1913 Webster]

     3. Aside; off; in another direction.
        [1913 Webster]

              The axis of rotation is inclined away from the sun.
                                                    --Lockyer. [1913 Webster]

     4. From a state or condition of being; out of existence. [1913 Webster]

              Be near me when I fade away.          --Tennyson. [1913 Webster]

     5. By ellipsis of the verb, equivalent to an imperative: Go or come away; begone; take away. [1913 Webster]

              And the Lord said . . . Away, get thee down. --Exod. xix. 24. [1913 Webster]

     6. On; in continuance; without intermission or delay; as, sing away. [Colloq.] [1913 Webster]

     Note: It is much used in phrases signifying moving or going from; as, go away, run away, etc.; all signifying departure, or separation to a distance. Sometimes without the verb; as, whither away so fast ? "Love hath wings, and will away." --Waller. It serves to modify the sense of certain verbs by adding that of removal, loss, parting with, etc.; as, to throw away; to trifle away; to squander away, etc. Sometimes it has merely an intensive force; as, to blaze away. [1913 Webster]

     {Away with}, bear, abide. [Obs. or Archaic] "The calling of assemblies, I can not away with." (--Isa. i. 13), i. e.,
        "I can not bear or endure [it]."

     {Away with} one, signifies, take him away. "Away with him, crucify him." --John xix. 15.

     {To make away with}.
        (a) To kill or destroy.
        (b) To carry off.
            [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]

106 Moby Thesaurus words for "away":
     a rebours, a reculons, absconded, absent, afar, against the grain, aloof, anticlockwise, apart, arear, aside, ass-backwards, astern, asunder, at a distance, at once, back, backward, backwards, counterclockwise, deleted, departed, directly, disappeared, distal, distant, distantly, elsewhere, elsewhither, exotic, expeditiously, extinct, far, far off, faraway, forth, forthwith, fro, gone, gone away, hence, hindward, hindwards, immediately, in juxtaposition, in reverse, instanter, instantly, lacking, long-distance, long-range, lost, lost to sight, lost to view, missing, momentarily, nearby, no longer present, no more, nonattendant, nonexistent, not found, not here, not present, now, off, omitted, on one side, on the side, out, out of sight, over, past and gone, promptly, pronto, punctually, quickly, rearward, rearwards, remote, remotely, removed, retrad, right, right away, right off, separated, sidelong, somewhere else, speedily, straight, straightway, subtracted, swiftly, taken away, thence, therefrom, thereof, to one side, to the side, vanished, wanting, whence, widdershins, wide apart, wide away

Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 [moby-thesaurus]

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